It is time to invest in Alanya

Many people afraid to come Alanya because of so and so but there is nothing to afraid in Alanya and apartment price are really cheap now. We believe the price will be double in one year so we say it is time to invest in Alanya.

Alanya was so popular holiday destination for many millions of Tourist however Turkey got bad reputation last 2 year because of political situation around or in Turkey. Alanya was effected so much of this but this situation never effected to Alanya. Only economy is effected by political situation. so apartment price get down nearly 40% or 50% . the price is deepest point in Alanya and when you buy now you can expect that you will earn nearly %100 in 2 years.

According to S&P and moody’s Turkey is having Ba1 level which means you can invest to Turkey for long term. Turkey is a strong country which you can invest. we believe that Turkey will have better economy in 10 years. Many international companies invest in Turkey.  Ford, Hundai, Fiat are some of them. Also many international real estate and construction company founded in Alanya. According to official number 1035 international real estate and construction company was founded in Alanya and this numbers are increasing by time to time.  All this number and data is showing us that it is time to invest in Alanya now

Turkey is huge country so when there is some problem ISIS, it means it 16 hours far away from Alanya. i would recommend those people who think that Alanya may effect from ISIS, please look at the map and watc Alanya with live cam

I would recommend all investors to buy property Alanya now. welcome to buy apartments in Alanya and Basic Alanya is here to help you.




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